Natural Resource Governance in Georgie

Summer ‘2012 we visited three national parks in Georgia (Vashlovani, Lagodekhi and Tusheti). The aim of our visit was to study transition and innovation in natural resource governance. We combined field observations with interviews with a wide range of stakeholders involved in the planning and management of these areas. Georgia is an interesting country, characterised by rapid developments in all domains. Also nature conservations, often in relation to tourism developments is a dynamic field. With a multitude of organisations developing ideas, activities and projects, sometimes in cooperation, sometimes not things are changing rapidly. The current status of many species and habitats seems to be fairly positive, but many are vulnerable and knowing that certain developments can easily trigger a chain of negative impacts, careful planning and management are required. At the same time developing coherent visions and planning seem to be the greatest challenges.’ (from beunen’s blog)

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