Why Price Nature? The role of economics in the protection of nature

Should we value eco-system services in terms of money? Does a price tag on nature help to protect it or to destroy it?


There is a fundamental disagreement between scientists in the area of nature protection on the monetization of nature. Stichting RUW and Green Office will host a debate as an opening of the Seriously Sustainable Week between two experts from our university: Dr. Dolf De Groot, Associate Professor in Integrated Ecosystem Assessment & Management with the Environmental Systems Analysis Group and Prof. Dr. Bram Büscher, Chair of the Sociology of Development and Change Group.
This debate will be facilitated by Dr. Ir. Martijn Duineveld, Assistant Professor at the Cultural Geography Chair Group.

Both panellists have written an opening-statement which will be posted on the RUW website prior to the event.

Practical information: