Unchain the beast named conflict…. Why conflicts are destructive, productive and untameable

In this public lecture Arjaan Pellis and Martijn Duineveld provide ample examples to illustrate that conflicts have a tendency to endure and to fuel themselves with everything available in their environment. They argue that conflict management is often part of the problem, not the solution. To tackle conflicts, we have to understand them differently, not as taken for granted differences between individuals, cultures or nation-states but as wild animals that might paradoxically only become wilder when caved. Instead, we have to map the ways they emerge and produce all kinds of effects, sometimes productive, sometimes destructive. Sometimes taking away the fuel might help, sometimes we just have to let them burn out or accept they linger on forever. The lecture is aimed at everybody who aims for world peace or want to cope with feuds amongst friends and relatives. @ES Symposium: Conflicts | 21 11 2017 |

The boards of the Environmental Science Studies are proud to announce: the ES Symposium. This year the theme will be Conflicts. We will end the Symposium with a free drink downstairs. We have limited amount of seats, so make sure you are on time, because it is first come, first serve! This Symposium is FREE and NO REGISTRATION is needed.

In C222, 4 guest lecturers will talk about conflicts in their field of expertise. All of them will have to do with the Environmental Science job field.

– Arjaan Pellis and Martijn Duineveld from the Cultural Geography Cairgroup at the WUR

– Rogier Slijpen from the WWF

– Jacques de Jong from OGA, Municipality Amsterdam

– Willemieke Broek from MSF, Artsen zonder Grenzen

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/139780443427822/