Book | EGT | 进化治理理论

Five years after the publication our book Evolutionary Governance Theory, it has been translated into Chinese. 进化治理理论, as it is titled, is edited by professor Wu Wei from Huazhong University of Science and Technology published by China Social Sciences Press. Evolutionary Governance Theory (EGT) presents a novel perspective on the way governance systems and its various organizational elements such as actors, institutions and discourses co-evolve. It can be of use to anyone interested in transition and change in governance, in development, markets, public sector reform, public administration, politics, law and so on. Drawing on a wide range of empirical studies on three continents and a variety of conceptual sources, the book explores a theoretical perspective for clarifying the nature and functioning of dependencies that mark governance evolutions Van Assche, K., R. Beunen, M. Duineveld (2019) 进化治理理论, edited by Wu Wei. Chinese Social Sciences Press. 
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