Martijn Duineveld is Associate professor at the Cultural Geography Group Wageningen University and he was co-director of the Centre for Space, Place and Society (2019-2022). He is co-founder and active contributor to the emerging body of literature on Evolutionary Governance Theory. Currently he is involved in the W*O*L*F* project which exposes how big industry obstructs transitions to a low-emission society and climate justice.

Martijn has been involved in many international research and consultancy projects situated in Argentina, Uganda, Georgia and Russia. He also studied urban fringes and cities in the Netherlands (The Bulb region (2005-2010), Groningen (2010-2012) and Arnhem (2013-2018). In these cases, he explores the power interplays between local politicians, planners, designers, project developers and citizens. is studies have been published in innovative ways, speaking to academia and the broader public, including film-making, newspaper articles, and local news blogs.

e-mail: martijn.duineveld[@]wur.nl

organisations: W*O*L*F* | centre for space, place and society | cultural geography group | International Institute for Innovation in Governance |

social media: twitter | linkedin |

research profiles: googlescholar | academia | researchGate |

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