Democratic innovation in urban governance (2013-2050)

This project concerns questions of inclusion and exclusion of citizens in governance, the roles of experts and expertise, and different evolving models of democracy. This theme can be seen as the oldest and most developed theme established in my research, but also the one with the most significant societal impact. The first insights were published in my PhD thesis on governance and heritage (Duineveld, 2006), where I scrutinised the different ways citizens were excluded from the dominate heritage policies and discourses in the Netherlands. In my research on urban governance in Groningen (M. Duineveld, 2011; Duineveld et al., 2013) and Arnhem (Duineveld, 2015-2018) I analysed various ways in which citizens are involved in policy making and the ways they were active agents in pursuing and enforcing their involvement.



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